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Sujith Joseph on 22-05-2022   Kochi, India
I was gifted a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G by my cousin in the US. Iam in India.

He had been using his phone a short while in the US with carrier AT&T.

I paid freeunlocks USD 39.99 to unlock my phone.

Payment made: May 12, 2022
Code promised : May 15, 2022

I emailed them on May 14 as a reminder. I got a reply on the same day stating that they had a delay, and that if I wanted they would refund me.

I said I would wait.

They sent the code on May 19, 2022.
It worked the first time and my phone was unlocked. Now Iam using it with an Indian SIM!

So thank you!

I was initially afraid this was an internet scam and that i had lost my money,

But at least in my case, they sent the code and my phone is unlocked.

Thanks again to the company!!
Robert roy on 22-05-2022   Capreol, Canada
Was easy transaction I think it will be good ?
Steve Harbison on 22-05-2022   Orlando, United States - Usa
Did exactly what they said when they checked. Couldn't get a yes or no answer though.
john on 21-05-2022   Nassau, Bahamas
thanks you very much
Gustavo trejo on 21-05-2022   Los Angeles, United States - Usa
I think it worked really really good got me all the answers I needed to know about my phone..very satisfied thank u unlockbase.
Neat! Phone was unlocked much faster than expected. on 21-05-2022   Mountain Top, United States - Usa
ATT gave me a hard time when I tried to get my iPhone 13 mini unlocked through them. So I ended up putting in and paying for an unlock through Unlock base. I put in the request Thursday and an email arrived around Friday midnight saying they were able to get the phone unlocked and low and behold, the about section on the phone now says "No SIM Restrictions". This was a very pleasant surprise and much faster than expected. I can definitely vouch for this company!
Ray Bandz on 20-05-2022   Milwaukee, United States - Usa
This website is the only one that was able to unlock my galaxy s20 Ultra and in a timely matter. I tried two other websites with no luck. I will be unlocking two more devices!

Augie Sanchez on 20-05-2022   Kissimmee, United States - Usa
Thank You Unlockbase for help me with the problem with my phone.I hope I can use the phone now,thank yo you.I tough was goin to cost me more money. Thank You again
Kenny on 20-05-2022   Kankakee, United States - Usa
Simple to use. Like waiting for a key to open a treasure box! Could be a little more clear about which is the actual code.
Adekunle Abubakar on 20-05-2022   Lagos, Nigeria
Good good good good good


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